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Reeds Homestore

Jim Carlile - Managing Director

Reeds Homestore

Jim Carlile – Managing Director – Reeds Homestore

Reeds Homestore is a repeat customer for Bira Bank who has purchased vehicles with our loans a couple of times in the past.

“I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I have been with the way this whole purchase has been handled by Bira Bank, and by Dave Baker in particular. I have purchased a number of vehicles through Bira over recent years and I have always been impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of the organisation and the people I’ve spoken to, normally Frank or David, but in this purchase Dave has excelled.

I spoke Dave first thing on a Monday about a second hand company car I wished to purchase from our local dealership that we purchase a number of vehicles from, the quote that was provided was very competitive and was even bettered when we discovered the car was only recently registered and had 900 miles on the clock. The speed at which this transaction has been completed has been extraordinary, and Dave’s communication to myself and the dealer has been exemplary. What fantastic service! – thank you so very much for all your help, it is much appreciated.”

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