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Bira Bank – Fraudulent Activity

Over the past couple of days, unscrupulous companies have attempted to trade under our name and have created websites using our name and identification. Please be aware of this and make sure you contact us directly before revealing any of your personal information to ensure that your communications with us are genuine. Unfortunately, fraudsters have become more advanced in recent years and their attempts are becoming more sophisticated.

Contact us to report fraudulent activity

We are aware that fraudsters may try to imitate our website and send out email communications (often followed by an unprompted phone call). In connection with our website please be alert to the fact that this is the only website in use by Bira Bank and from which information about our services can be gleaned. We do not offer internet banking and never disclose or request any customer details through this site. If you have concerns that another ‘cloned’ site may have been established purporting to represent Bira or Bira Bank then this will be fraudulent and you should advise our office direct on 0121 446 6688 (option 4) or through the Bira Bank team, in particular, or