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Bira Bank unveil lowest equipment rates ever

In times of widespread financial uncertainty, it is impressive to hear that Bira Bank has announced the lowest equipment loan rates in its history.

In order to help independent retailers grow and succeed, Bira Bank has listened to the needs of their customers and have provided a highly competitive promotional equipment rate.

In order to lay a strong business foundation, having up to date and functional equipment is an absolute necessity. In the modern era, consumers are reliant on the speed of transactions, services and purchases. Without equipment that optimises the efficiency of your sales or the inner workings of your business, you are missing out on potential profit. Modern consumers make decisions based on the speed that a product or service can be supplied, meaning that in general, a slow business equates to a dying business.

Often, customers make use of Bira Bank’s loans to improve their business with new equipment ranging from computers, machinery, air conditioning units all the way to entire shop refits. Utilising an equipment loan from Bira Bank is essentially investing in the future of your business. Without any administrative or arrangement fees and the freedom to pay off the loan early without penalty, is a huge advantage that brings the future of your business sharply into view.

John Collins, Managing Director of Bira Bank stated “We are proud to be able to lower our equipment loan rates. Bira Bank’s priority has always been to help independent retailers grow their businesses and our loans can help them do so.”

If you would like to find out more about how a Bira Bank equipment loan could help your business succeed, head to equipment loans or contact David or Frank on 0121 446 6688.

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