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Bira Bank’s Toyota discounts just got better!

As you may know, we recently celebrated Bira Bank’s second year in partnership with motor industry giants Toyota and Lexus.

We are happy to announce that our discounts for three very popular vehicles have been increased which means that our members can save even more money than ever before. Whether you are in the market for a new vehicle, just interested in what our savings are or have an urgent requirement for a vehicle, make sure you take a look at our updated discount list.

Which vehicle discounts have changed?

The vehicles that Bira Bank can now provide even greater discounts on are:

  • Proace
  • Hilux
  • Corolla

Why finance a vehicle with Bira Bank?

Bira Bank aims to provide the best deals possible for our members that are not possible to achieve when walking into a dealership yourself. Alongside these incredible discounts, we provide competitive rates of interest and a personal reliable service that ensures complete transparency, a quick decision process and no hidden fees. Remember that Bira Bank can even organise test drive vehicles to be delivered to your door (subject to availability) to ensure that the vehicle meets your requirements.

Contact us

You can find our updated list of discounted vehicles below. Make sure that you are logged in to be able to see the full discount list. If you want to speak to us about how we can help you finance a Toyota, Lexus or any other make or model vehicle, call David or Frank on 0121 446 6688 (option 4) or email and we would be happy to help.

See our updated discounts