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Enabling Business Growth

Running an business is not an easy option and has many challenges. There’s just so much to keep on top of. If only you had to focus on just one thing. Sadly, we know that’s not the case, because in most independent businesses, you have to wear many hats. There’s the sales hat, the finance hat, the smile and be polite hat; even the tea making hat. Let’s not even mention the tax hat. Oops, we did. Sorry. As you will no doubt know, it’s a lot of pressure to put on your head.

At bira bank we are all about supporting our members to run their business as efficiently and profitably as possible. It’s what’s guided us for all these years. And our new equipment loans follow these basic principles, aiming to relieve much of the finance pressure.

To help support our members, we’ve moved our lending rates down, to give our members an even more competitive rate. So, right now, it’s more cost-effective than ever to take advantage of our loans. Interest rates for equipment loans for between 1 and 3 years are just 3.3% (6.4% APR), and for anything above this and up to 5 years just 3.7% (7.2% APR).

Equipment loans are also a great way for independent businesses to manage their cash flow.

Just think about it. Your equipment is going to last you for years, but that doesn’t mean you want to pay for all those years up front. You want the advantage that new equipment brings in helping your business to grow, without the disadvantage of seeing lots of your hard-earned money fly out the door all at once.

So, whether you’re planning an entire shop refit, developing a tool demo area, investing in a new piece of equipment, such as a key cutting machine, or simply want to update some of your other equipment, a bira bank equipment loan could help you get the most from your plans.

And, as with every single one of our loans, there are no admin or arrangements fees and you can even pay the loan off early without penalty.

To find out more call David or Frank direct on 0121 446 6688. What they don’t know about business finance, frankly, isn’t worth knowing.