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No plans to change your current bank? Not a problem

It is no secret that the majority of people are happy with their current bank and they are not interested in switching. They are used to the comfort of their current bank and are also generally satisfied with the service provided.

It may surprise you that you don’t need to switch your bank to use Bira Bank (though it might be worth you checking out the preferential business banking rates Bira has with HSBC if you’re not already using them). As a Bira member, you can access loans and savings at competitive rates from Bira Bank, no matter who you bank with.

Why is Bira Bank different?

Bira Bank is different from regular high street banks. We provide loans for independent retailers looking to grow their businesses and save money for the future. The main difference between us and your clearing bank is that we are unable to offer current accounts to our members. Instead, we specialise in offering competitive rates on products and services that are designed to help our members grow and succeed.

We give our members access to products that they can use in addition to their current bank’s offering, which saves them the hassle of switching banks, whilst providing rates of interest that are better than the high street banks. This means that we are able to offer Bira members the best of both worlds.

Our customer service is genuinely superior. When Bira members contact Bira Bank, they are directly contacting the bank’s executive team rather than a call centre. We build lasting relationships with our users and like to be on first name terms with all of our customers. As our funding comes from member deposits and savings, we are focused on providing high value and will go the extra mile to ensure our members are satisfied with the products we provide.

Our most popular products

Of course, our equipment loan promotion is currently live, however, this is not all we can do. Our product range covers vehicle loans, personal loans, working capital loans, deposit accounts, cash ISAs, regular savings accounts and more. All of the products we provide for our users can operate alongside your clearing bank.

How to get started with Bira Bank

In order to get the best of both worlds, the first step is to contact the Bira Bank team. Whether it be a loan or savings account, you can email or call Frank, David or Dave on 03330 048 048 and we would be happy to discuss any of the products, promotions or services we provide.