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Regular saving accounts made simple

Regular saving accounts made simple

A regular savings account from Bira Bank offers the flexibility to suit your needs whilst also paying a competitive rate of interest. Available to all Bira members, their families, staff, Bira affiliates and Bira staff, our regular saving accounts can help you start a simple rainy-day fund or help you save for a more substantial spend.

Open-ended account

Bira Bank can offer our members an open-ended account. This makes saving for a significant purchase simple, without being bound to a 12-month contract. We also offer two withdrawals per calendar year, which ensures that our members have enough flexibility to suit their needs. Our regular saving accounts can be opened in business, sole name or held jointly and can be accessed instantly, upon receiving a minimum deposit of £25 per individual or company account.

Flexible deposits

It is important that our members can save the right amount of money. Deposit your money from as little as £25 (minimum) up to £1000 (maximum) per month. Deposits are fixed and are paid into your account by standing order. As with all our savings accounts, your deposits are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (limitations apply).

Interest rate

Our regular savings account interest is paid on a half-yearly basis. The interest is calculated daily on the cleared balance in the account.

Contact Bira Bank

If you are interested in saving for a specific project or are simply looking to start a savings pot, find out more about how our regular saving accounts can help you by visiting our regular saving accounts page or call the Bira Bank team on 0121 446 6688.