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Is it time for a new car?

big benefits from financing your next car through bira bank.

Is it time for a new car?

At this time of year, talk of New Year’s resolutions still drift in the air. Far too many people have already asked us what we’ve given up for 2019. Well, we’d like to turn it on its head and ask what will you get yourself for the New Year? After all, when was the last time you had a present (okay, maybe it was only a few weeks ago)?

Right now, at bira bank, we’ve gone big on cars. A new car is a resolution we can all get behind. We’ve got exclusively negotiated, big discounts on all Toyota and Lexus cars just for our members. So, whether you’re looking for a hybrid, like the Yaris, which was What Car’s Best True MPG car of the year in 2018, or something with a little more oomph, like the Lexus LC coupe, there’s discounts aplenty. And it’s not just standard road cars that are part of the deal. The Toyota Hilux, perhaps the toughest car in the world, might just be the perfect car for independent retailers. As well as offering comfort and practicality, the 2017 pick-up of the year is a light commercial vehicle, so its taxed at a flat rate, irrespective of emissions or price.