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We’re launching more exciting partnerships with big vehicle manufacturers

As you may know, Bira Bank has been working hard to get the best deals for our members on new vehicles from big brand vehicle manufacturers. Well, it is with great pleasure to announce that in early 2020, we will be launching new schemes with a handful of huge manufacturers to bring further discounts for Bira members.

Buying a new vehicle can be difficult and bartering for extra money off or for better specs can take up time that could be put to better use (like running your business). Our aim is to take the strain away from Bira members and to give them substantial discounts and extras that are consistently available all year round. Our discounts are likely to beat any discounts you can negotiate yourself (even with fleet deals) so it’s worth comparing to ensure you are always getting the best deal.

Who are the new vehicle manufacturers?

We understand that people have loyalties to their preferred brands so, during September, we conducted some research to find out which vehicle manufacturers our members are interested in. We then organised meetings with prospective partners and came to agreements with the following:

  • Peugeot
  • Citroën
  • Fiat
  • Fiat Professional
  • Jeep
  • Alpha Romeo
  • Maserati

As you can see, we have a fair few new partners and are happy to work with them on our schemes. We believe that the value provided is great enough to benefit our members whilst also providing our Bira Bank vehicle loans with low rates and top-quality personal service.

We’re giving you early access

Our official launch for these partnerships is in early 2020, however, we are able to provide members with the discounts now. In order to test the waters and ensure the process is smooth for the launch, we are inviting members to contact us to arrange a quote on vehicles of any of the above manufacturers.

We can also arrange test drives for some of the manufacturers’ vehicles subject to availability, so deciding on the perfect vehicle has never been easier.

Interested? Contact Bira Bank

If you are looking for a vehicle from the manufacturers listed above, or any vehicle manufacturer we have partnerships with, call David, Dave or Frank on 03330 048 048 or email

Not a Bira member?

In order to access the discounts we have with these vehicle manufacturers, you must be a Bira member. If you are interested in joining Bira, click to join, or if you want to find out more about the services we provide, click to find out more.