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Vehicle Rate Promotion

Whether you’re the business owner, general manager or company financial director you may have noticed that Personal Contract Plans (PCP) are getting more expensive. More fees, more penalties and more onerous restrictions including lower mileage thresholds and higher damage penalties.

The gap between effectively renting your vehicle through a PCP plan and owning your next vehicle is getting narrower. Hire purchase is re-emerging as a highly competitive option if you want to spread the cost of owning your next vehicle.

Typical Example: £451.04 a month, 5.3% APR – based on £15,000 loan over 36 months – new or used vehicle.

A sharp deal for the business owner… and their staff

For the first time in our history we offered zero percent deposits on all used vehicle loans in February 2016 and it’s no coincidence that this resulted in our best ever month for used vehicle finance, so thank you!

When it’s evident in the market (have a look for yourselves) that PCP deals are getting more expensive with more additional charges and higher interest rates, we went against the market trend with this decision by offering nil deposits. This is just the kind of way we support our members and what we mean when we say we’re a specialist in supporting independent retailers as part of a trade association.

So what are we doing for our second promotion for the year? Offering zero percent deposits on all NEW (AND USED) vehicles! Whether that is a car for yourself, a staff vehicle, a van, a lorry or HIAB.

Click here to see the rates on all of our lending products.

Five reasons you would want to use bira bank to finance your next vehicle

  • You like the idea of owning your vehicle (HP) and not renting (PCP)
  • You are not happy with having to find a large final payment with a PCP deal
  • You do not want to pay administrative fees or penalties
  • You are not comfortable with having to stick to mileage restrictions and allowances
  • You know other people may scratch or dent your car and you don’t mind paying a penalty if they (or you) do

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