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Frank Shaw is one of the most well-known brand suppliers, with its ownership of exceptionally well-known brand names in the market: Challenge, Bayonet, Solstuds & X.

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With over 150-year old brand heritage on the ‘Challenge’ branding and over 100 year old branding on the ‘X’ we assist in driving footfall to our clients.

We have excellently well-thought out packaging and displays enabling stockists to display as many products in their store taking as little space as possible – giving greater returns in a smaller area!! We have also got the environmental concerns in our mind. Being the only supplier to provide small packages reducing waste.

Frank Shaw special Christmas offer! With Christmas only 12 weeks till Christmas, stock up on drawing pins from Frank Shaw to pin up cards and decorations.

  • 12 Clam Packs (100s) 10% off during Oct & Nov 40219
  • 24 Boxes (50’s) 10% off during Oct & Nov 10404
• Orders Under £50 net – will be subject to a carriage charge of £8.50
• Orders from £50.00-£100 will be priced at Trade price list with NO CARRIAGE CHARGE
• Orders £100-£200 will receive a 7.5% discount & NO CARRIAGE CHARGE
• Orders £200-£500 will receive a 10% discount & NO CARRIAGE CHARGE
• Orders £500-£1000 will receive a 15% discount & NO CARRIAGE CHARGE
• Orders £1000 + will receive a 20% discount & NO CARRIAGE CHARGE

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