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Invoice Manager

Invoicing made easy

Access your invoices from anywhere, on any device.

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How you’ll benefit

  • Access your invoices at any time
  • View, download and print your supplier invoices
  • No additional software needed
  • Login to your account from any device (mobile, computer, tablet/iPad)
  • Integrated into your Bira members area – no additional logins or passwords will be required.

As we process your invoices Invoice Manager will be automatically updated, so there is no need to wait for the post. Meaning you can get on with getting the stock priced and on to the shop floor!

Frequently asked questions

I don't think I have previously received login details for the website.+

If you think you have not received login details for the website, please head to and type in your business email address or username (usually membership number). You will then receive an email asking you to create a password for your account.

For further help or advice please contact membership at or call 0121 446 6688

How do I reset my password?+

You are required to login to the website to access Invoice Manager. Once logged into the website, your businesses invoices will be available for you to view and download.

To reset your password for the website, please head to and type in the email address of your account.

Who can access my businesses invoices?+

It is important to only share your website login details with trusted members in your business. All members are provided with one login for their business when they sign up for membership. It is of the discretion of the Business owner or main account holder as to who they share the login details with within their business.

Login details should not be shared with anyone outside of the business at any point.

Bira can provide businesses with a secondary login at request, so your business accounts department can access your Invoice Manager portal.

If at any point you think that someone has gained unauthorised access to your account, you are urged to reset your password and notify Bira of any account changes that may have been made.

How do I login to Invoice Manager?+

Firstly, you must login to the website. If you do not know your password or you have forgotten this, please click on the reset password link here.

Once logged into the Bira website, you can then login to Invoice Manager by click on the button on this page, or clicking on the Invoice Manager button in your Member Dashboard area. You will be automatically directed to your account where your businesses invoices will be held.

Is Invoice Manager secure?+

Bira takes the proper precautions to make sure that all systems provided to members are secure. A wide range of regular system checks and encryptions are made to Invoice Manager in order to provide a secure system to store your invoices.

For further information on Invoice Manager security measures please contact the systems manager via email at

Will I get alerts when invoices/statements are available to view and download?+

All Invoice Manager users will be alerted every 7 days if new invoices are available to view, download and save.

How can I access Invoice Manager?+

You can access Invoice Manager by logging into the website and clicking on the Invoice Manager button in your Member Dashboard or heading to this landing page.

Invoice Manager is accessible 24/7 from any PC, Laptop, smartphone or tablet and through any browser.

Why are my invoices only available online?+

As part of Bira's efforts to reduce paper waste, we have decided to provide all invoices through Bira Direct's online Invoice Manager. This means that our paper-waste will be reduced and we can deliver an even easier solution to enabling you to view, manage and download your invoices from any device, at any time.

Bira Direct Invoice Manager terms and conditions