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Rebate schemes

Want more money to spend in your business? Bira Direct offer a range of product buying rebates for your retail business.

Benefit from rebates from selected Bira Direct suppliers. 

Earn growth-based rewards which can be reinvested in your business. In 2019 over £100,000 was shared by members through supplier-led rebate schemes.

Members can also benefit from taking part in our own rebate scheme. Over £25,000 was shared with members as part of our Winter Rebate Scheme.

Grow your turnover by 10% to reap rewards
All Bira members have access to all available Bira Direct supplier rebate schemes, but that's not all...

As an existing Bira Direct user, if you grow your spend by 10% from the previous year between 1st January – 30th June 2020, we’ll provide you with a 1% rebate on your total spend through Bira Direct’s very own rebate scheme.

New to Bira Direct? Don’t worry, you can still benefit from the Bira Direct rebate scheme. Spend a minimum of £2,000 between 1st January – 30th June 2020 to receive a 1% rebate.

Whether you’re a new or existing user, simply sign up to take advantage of the Bira Direct rebate scheme.
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