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Bira Legal One2One

Enhanced legal support

The Employment Law and Health & Safety One2One provides an enhanced level of support in a more personal way.

Expert advice in Employment Law and Health & Safety
Need more hands-on help meeting your people and premises responsibilities?

Employment Law and Health & Safety One2One delivered by Bira Legal provides an enhanced level of support in a more personal way. Get your own named lawyer who will guide you through any problems as they arise.

You’ll enter into a separate agreement with Ellis Whittam, where you’ll receive unlimited professional support for a fixed fee, at a preferential rate exclusive to Bira members. As a unique solution to your compliance challenges, Ellis Whittam combine the service quality of a leading law firm with the cost certainty of fixed fees.

What’s included?
  • Ongoing dedicated support from a named, qualified adviser/consultant with sector expertise
  • Tailored advice, guidance and clarification based on an in-depth understanding of your business
  • Acting as your legally-required ‘competent person’ to help you comply with all necessary health and safety rules and regulations
  • Bespoke, legally-compliant documentation drafted on your behalf, including best-practice contracts, handbooks, policies and procedures
  • On-site General Risk Assessments to help you identify and remedy any areas where you are exposed
  • Interactive e-Learning training, free for the first 12 months, designed to upskill staff while keeping downtime to a minimum
  • Award-winning Health & Safety and HR Software to streamline important HR functions and allow you to monitor your compliance at a glance.
How you'll benefit
Ellis Whittam’s services are specifically designed for retail operations and bespoke to your business. With One2One, you benefit from direct access to a legally-qualified expert for trusted support with your compliance, without worrying about cost.
  • Less pressure on you and your management team
  • More time to focus on running your business, without distraction
  • Confidence in your decision making
  • A more stable workforce and a safer working environment
  • Better budgetary control, with monthly payment options and no hidden auto-renewal clauses

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