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What Tax and VAT support is included in the Bira Legal service?

Do you know how Bira Legal can support you with Tax & VAT matters?

Included in your Bira membership, you have unlimited access on Employment Law & HR advice, Health & Safety advice, Commercial & General Law as well as Tax, VAT & HMRC advice. Below we look at the Tax & VAT support you can receive, included as part of the Bira Legal service.

Legal Expenses Insurance

In addition to the free and unlimited telephone advice covering a wide range of tax and VAT matters, Bira members with fewer than 275 employees are also covered by a legal expenses insurance (LEI) policy which can cover a range of costs including those incurred when facing an employment tribunal or HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) investigation. This service can be accessed by calling  0345 450 0937 opt. 3. 

Tax issues

Regarding tax issues specifically, the LEI can cover your costs when HMRC issues a formal notice to you, your director or to your business partner to carry out an aspect enquiry into a part(s) of your income or corporation tax Self-Assessment return.

HMRC Formal Notice

It can also cover your costs when HMRC issues a formal notice to you, your director or to your business partner to examine all of your financial records income or corporation tax, also known as a full enquiry.

When should you contact Bira Legal?

You should speak with Bira Legal when HMRC expresses dissatisfaction with your p11ds or p9ds or your PAYE and/or NIC affairs following an employer compliance visit or when there is a dispute over alleged failure to pay VAT. Legitimate costs may also be covered in these scenarios too but you must take advice from Bira Legal at the very first opportunity and then follow that advice consistently throughout the process in order to comply with the terms of the insurance policy. If you incur costs before informing the insurer, then these may not be covered.

The most the insurer will pay on any one claim is £50,000 although there is a £1000 excess on aspect enquiries.

Your cover as a Bira member

Click below to see important tax protection and claims conditions changes to your insurance cover included in you Bira membership.

Click below to see the full policy summary for the commercial legal policy, or here to see the policy wording.

Find out more about Bira Legal

The policy is provided by Abbey Legal Protection, underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company Ltd. The administrator of the policy is Ellis Whittam Ltd, the service partner behind Bira Legal. You must inform Ellis Whittam if you believe you need to make a claim or would like to discuss the policy. You can do this by calling Bira Legal on 0345 450 0937 opt. 1.

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