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Debt Collection

Let us deal with the debt

bira has partnered with Capitol Commercial Collections to provide our members with a cost effective, reliable ‘No Result, No Fee’ debt collection service.

The benefits of our debt collecting service:

  • No subscription or annual fee to use the service (No Result, No Fee)
  • We can assist you with every type of debt
  • The service is adaptable to suit your individual needs
  • If a debt is negotiated, a repayment plan is set up and constantly monitored
  • Whether it’s a debt of £20 or £200,000, a debt is a debt – all values and volumes, from a single debt to multiple accounts can be collected

With more than 20 years’ experience dealing with all types of debts, Capitol understands that passing debts to a third party company can be a sensitive matter, and often a last resort. But if a payment remains outstanding, it’s often your best option to guarantee you get some return.

Capitol can also help you with your credit control procedures, overdue accounts, account application forms, and terms and conditions of trading. Let them do the chasing, while you concentrate on your business.

Put your days of chasing debts behind you

If you‘re a bira member and want to find out about our debt collection service, please contact the membership team on01295 713333