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Eco-friendly retail business advice

How green is your business?

What does going green mean for your retail business? Here we'll tell you why sustainability is important to your retail business and how you can effectively take action.

Is it time you looked at the impact you are having on the environment?
With sea levels rising, rainfall patterns changing, storm strengths increasing and huge forest fires more prevalent, we have never been more aware that action is needed to save our planet.

We all have a role to play, including Bira. That’s why we’re committed to abiding by our business Sustainability Policy.

But what can you do as an independent retail business owner on a budget? Discover the latest advice and guidance below on how to go green.

Buy responsibly

Reportedly, when choosing between products and brands, 84 percent of Gen Z consumers will choose the one that has the greater social or environmental benefit. And purpose and sustainability are only trending upward in importance. Suppliers are offering more environmentally-friendly products. By selling these in your business you are spreading the message to your customers. Bira Direct has a range of suppliers with products made from recycled materials, as well as energy-efficient items.

  • Black and Blum

    Goodbye plastic, you won’t be missed! Black and Blum are an award-winning design company who don’t like plastic, producing collections of food and drink on-the-go products from sustainable materials. Read more.

  • Eco Chic

    Eco Chic are the UK’s No. 1 supplier of simple, hard-wearing, foldaway, reusable, accessories & Bamboo Cups designed for both your customers and the planet. Read more.

  • Media-Depot

    Established for over 30 years Media-Depot is a trade only supplier of tech-related retail products. Discover earphones, phone cables, phone accessories, power banks and more, now with many products available in plastic-free packaging. Read more.

  • But that’s not all…

    Bira Direct have a wealth of suppliers offering environmental products, making it easier for you to stock products with a small environmental impact. Buy products made from recycled or recycable materials and more ethical production at lower prices through Bira Direct. Take a look.

You might also want to think about buying from local suppliers and avoiding products having to travel long distances to get to you. Consider the carbon footprint of every item you buy.
Also, think about picking suppliers that use minimal or no plastic packaging. If they do use plastic, reuse what you can.

Financing your eco-friendly future
With the rate that technology is evolving, it is no wonder that retailers are finding new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and future-proof their business.

From funding an electric bike or reducing your carbon emissions on the daily communicate, to acquiring funds to refit your shop with green lighting, Bira Bank can provide you with the right loan to suit your business.

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