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Fuel card

Drive your fuel costs down

We’ve teamed up with The Fuelcard People to offer a wide range of cards valid at 7000+ pumps nationwide, including BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco & Tesco forecourts, as well as the Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) & UK Fuels networks.

How you'll benefit
You can now enjoy real fuel cost savings, with free credit and reduced administration, backed by personal service and security. The fuel cards are personalised to minimise the risk of fraud.
  • Free fuel card*
  • No obligation service
  • Save up to 5p per litre on national average prices
  • Save up to 10p per litre at motorway pumps
  • Personal service
  • Simple VAT reclaiming process
  • Your own account manager
  • 24/7 access to reports and FAQs
  • Zero liability once fuel card loss is notified
  • Custom alarms for unusual fueling activity

When you fill up with diesel or petrol, you can ignore the price shown on the pump. Even better, you do not have to pay for the fuel there and then.

Save on the cost of fuel. Save on administration: no hassle with fuel receipts, credit card statements or cash reimbursement. Save on paperwork: monthly invoicing covers all refuelling, for every vehicle.

*Fuel cards are on a free-of-charge basis up until July 2018, agreed rates apply thereafter.

Your fuel prices for week commencing 22/04/2019 when using Fuelcard through your Bira membership.

  • UK Fuels = 106.04ppl
  • Shell = 108.70ppl
  • Shell one = 108.70ppl
  • Shell One Unleaded = 115.57ppl
  • Texaco = 106.11ppl
  • Texaco Unleaded = 108.94
  • Esso = 107.34ppl
  • BP = 106.63ppl
  • BP List = 108.74ppl
  • BP List Unleaded = 104.78ppl
  • Diesel Direct = 106.38ppl
  • Allstar = Pump Price

National Average 110.16ppl


Drive your fuel costs down

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