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Private medical insurance

Taking care of your health

In association with Towergate Health & Protection, offering customised insurance solutions.

Private Medical Insurance is one of the most valued employee benefits for UK businesses.
Working with Aviva, through our healthcare brokers, Towergate, you can get great discounts on private medical insurance for yourself, your family and your employees.
  • Recieve treatment from Private Consultants and hospitals
  • Flexible appointments on your terms – highly attractive to employers and employees alike
  • Offer one of the most valued employee benefits for UK business
  • Private cover for inpatient, outpatient and day-care treatment.
  • Heart and cancer treatment is included along with all the usual treatment for muscular/skeletal treatments and other medical conditions
  • Avoid NHS waiting lists

If you already have private healthcare cover in place then compare the benefits and price of the bira scheme to your current arrangements.

Enjoy access to private treatments for out-patient and day-care, as well as local Private Hospital treatments. If you already have private healthcare cover in place, it’s worth contacting us as our brokers will be happy to provide a review to see if it is appropriate for you to join the bira scheme.

The scheme is available to all bira members provided they are employees of the member firm and aged under 65 at the point of joining. All members will be required to complete a medical declaration form at the point of joining and previously experienced medical conditions will be excluded from the cover.

Taking care of your health

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