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Wages Survey

Reflecting the true state of retail for the independent sector

The only report covering employment trends and the state of retail pay for independent businesses.

About the Wages Survey

The Wages Survey is our exclusive member survey, run annually, looking at the true state of employment trends and retail pay for the independent retail industry in the UK.

Collated from twelve different business sectors including; DIY/Hardware, Clothing & Footwear, and giftware retailers to name a few, the Wages Survey allows members to benchmark their businesses in areas including:

  • Rates of pay
  • National Minimum Living Wage
  • Pensions
  • Flexible working
  • Recruitment & retention

Once complete, the results are analysed and put together in a report which all participants receive. We use the reports to influence the media and Government through our Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee (LPAC).

The Wages Survey 2019 is open and will close on 31 August 2019.

Support for independent businesses, by independent businesses.

The Wages Survey is the only survey that monitors employment trends and the state of retail pay of independent businesses only. 

This allows for an accurate report on the state of employment and pay for independent businesses across the UK, that is then presented to the Government, Bank of England (BoE) and media.

The report tells the Government, BoE and media what independent businesses are saying about the state of employment and pay first hand, and forces them to take notice – making it the only survey of its kind to do this.

Benefits of completing the Wages Survey:

  • Produced report & results are used to directly influence the Government, BoE and media
  • The only survey of its kind that reports on rates of pay by sector and region
  • The only survey of its kind that looks at employment trends, pay trends, pensions and recruitment & retention for independent businesses
  • The Business Confidence Barometer breaks down business confidence by sector
  • All survey entries are anonymous, allowing for honest & accurate results
  • The completed report is emailed to all respondents

Reporting the findings to the Government, BoE and media to influence change.

After the Wages Survey is complete we report the results to the Government and media with the aim of influencing change.

Every Wages Survey is taken to our LPAC meeting, so the committee can hear first hand what independent businesses are saying, providing them with an accurate insight into the true state of employment and pay trends within retail.

We also publish press releases that summarise the key findings, that we then send to our media contacts so the findings can reach a national audience.

Through our policy work, we’ve already been successful in influencing change in specific areas. It was through our campaigning that the Government announced a reduction of business rates by a third, in 2018.

This shows that we really are able to help businesses and the high street, so the more members completing the Wages Survey, the stronger our influence is when presenting the results at the LPAC and to the Government.

Therefore, it is vital that we have input from as many businesses as possible.

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Andrew Goodacre, Bira’s CEO: “We’ve been fighting the corner of independent businesses across the UK for over 100 years, campaigning for a level playing field and we’ve drawn on the strength of our membership mass to do this.

The Wages Survey has become a big tool for us in our campaign to ensure a level playing field for retailers throughout the UK. While it is longer and requires more detail than our QSM, the survey is annual and to help us campaign, I strongly encourage all members to complete the Wages Survey to help us do this.”

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