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How will smart meters improve your business?

The government is committed to all homes and small businesses being offered smart meters by the end of 2020. A national competition is being run to find new ideas to improve energy use. What is your experience of smart meters?

Smart meters are being rolled out to small businesses across Great Britain and are a vital upgrade to our national energy infrastructure, according to the government. They not only put consumers in control of their energy use, but also provide the building blocks of a more flexible and resilient energy system fit for the 21st century.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) states: “Smart meters will future-proof our energy system so we can move to a more digital, data-driven system that makes the energy market work better for consumers. This will create opportunities for innovation for organisations inside and outside the energy sector, enabling growing technologies and services such as electric vehicles, smart tariffs and micro-generation to be efficiently integrated with renewable energy generation, lowering emissions and cutting costs for consumers.”

The cost of energy is rising and access to energy usage data provides retailers with the opportunity to make changes across their business to save energy, reduce costs and to help the environment.
Innovation will be key to maximising the benefits of smart meter data for non-domestic consumers. In 2018, the government launched an £8.8m Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition (NDSEMIC).

The innovative solutions funded as part of NDSEMIC range from apps and online platforms for retail and hospitality businesses to schools’ data-driven activities and coding platforms. These innovations will be piloted and tested with businesses as part of an in-built £1.5m research and evaluation programme, led by market research company Ipsos MORI and the Carbon Trust.

The three competition partners with solutions for the retail sector (AND Technology Research, Element Energy, and Hildebrand) are seeking business test sites throughout phase three of the competition, which is running until early 2020.

The competition offers an opportunity for retail businesses to engage in an important Great Britain-wide innovation initiative and gain access to test solutions and services for free. The benefits include the opportunity for cost savings, insight and tailored energy advice.

To learn more about the competition, go to the climate change and energy section of the website or email

Some members have had unexpected charges after a smart meter has been fitted. Have you had trouble with a smart meter? Tell us your experiences at

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