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Services to save you hundreds

Save time and money with preferential card processing rates, business banking rates and legal advice fees through bira membership

On average bira members see savings of hundreds of pounds through the preferential rates for card processing through Global Payments and legal advice through Ellis Whittam. With next day crediting when using both of our card processing and business banking services, it's a big business benefit for independent retailers. Having unlimited access to legal advice and guidance through bira legal helps protect and offers you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

  • £516 average saving on card processing(1)
  • £1300 on average saved with free legal advice(2)
  • £1518 on average saved on product with buying though bira direct (3)
  • Up to 20% off off your energy renewal price (4)


1 Non member cost per annum £2,021, member cost £1,655. Saving assumes credit card turnover of £225,000 per annum and includes £150 set up fee, figures are consistent with a typical bira member profile.

2 Standard charge out rate of £135 per hour and assumes an average of half hour per call including research and liaison. bira legal one2one subject to additional costs.

3 See 

4 Energy supply renewal price is the initial price offered by your incumbent supplier prior to the renewal date. Offered by Spiral Utilities.