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The #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign for bira members

The #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign helps retailers improve their digital influence which increases local footfall and sales.

The activity of this government endorsed campaign across 20 town centres, with over 2,500 retailers, has demonstrated that using this approach can increase digital conversion rates by over 2% and physical footfall by over 20%.

The process of shopping has changed and retailers have been slow to adapt. Today’s shoppers see retail as a seamless connected journey; they increasingly do not differentiate between the physical and digital worlds. The key learning of the campaign is that there is frequently a significant knowledge gap between how retailers serve their customers and how shoppers want to shop.

To support the campaign the UK Digital Influence Index has been created, which measures the social media output of over 150,000 retailers in over 1,300 towns in the UK on a daily basis.

This index revealed that up to 74% of high street retailers have no active social media presence. The ability to measure digital output by place has enabled both the impact of the campaign to be quantified and, importantly, has linked it with key physical data points; footfall and sales.

The Index forms a key measurement for all UK High streets – it runs daily and provides a ranking for 1,300 towns. Participating places receive the digital ranking for each of their retailers. This increases the awareness of each retailers’ digital output and highlights how successful retailers are frequently those that have a better digital ranking.

This ability to rank all retailers has proven to provoke action and engagement in the campaign activity and skills training. This ranking facility is soon to be released to all Bira members that attend the conference in May.

Retailers that engage in the #WDYT campaign have had a rapid and significant increase in digital influence and output. This has proven to increase footfall and sales with participating retailers

You can read all about the case studies at

The #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign and ranking will be made available free of change to all bira members at this years bira conference.