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Representing British independent retail

Get your voice heard

As the leading UK membership association for independent retailers, we work hard to get big business benefits for independent retailers.

We’re proud to represent thousands of members across the UK, from single retail outlets to small chains, to large department stores and agricultural dealerships. Our members are fiercely independent, but that doesn’t mean they have to go it alone.

As a member of bira, you connect with a network of like-minded retailers, suppliers and partners. And we make sure our members are represented at all levels, getting the voice of independent retail heard at the top.

There’s strength in numbers, so we are also able to offer exclusive rates and discounts that we negotiate on behalf of our members with over 180 suppliers representing approximately 2000 associated brands across a range of retail.

We also help our members to stay ahead, with free a free regular member magazine, our knowledge hub, and our internationally renowned retail training and events.