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Why invest in staff training?

It is easy to let employees’ training and development slide.

In some cases, there always seems to be something more important which makes it go further and further down the list of priorities. In other cases, budgetary restrictions mean investing in staff is simply not possible.

A failure to invest in this area is not always the best move to make because your employees are a key component in keeping your business successful and competitive.

Benefits of investing in training

Forward-thinking businesses will have cottoned on to the fact that investing in employees’ training and development can be extremely beneficial.

In brief, it can:

  1. Improve retention and reduce a high employee turnover
  2. Increase employee engagement
  3. Improve performance
  4. Create a pool of employees who may be able to move into more senior roles
  5. Help employees feels more valued
  6. Give employees a wider understanding of the business
  7. Better equip your employees – training enables their skills to remain up to date and fill in some gaps
  8. Allow your employees to stay ahead of the competition
  9. Enhance your reputation and attract a wider pool of candidates
  10. Tackle any issues that your workplace is facing, for example, if you have noticed a team is struggling with some software, some training can help them comes to grips with it
  11. Enhance operational efficiency.

Cost vs rewards

Of course, training will involve a cost. Depending on the nature and length of the training, costs can oscillate widely.

It can also involve valuable resource. For internal training sessions, senior managers and support staff will be involved in not only delivering the training, but also preparing the content and organising the logistics behind the scenes.

This is why it is essential that you think carefully about your business interests and employees’ needs. You should only undertake training programmes that are worth it – they should be useful, effective and in line with what your business is trying to achieve.

It is not easy to measure the returns of training, but in the long-run, it can be seen through employee’s behaviour, performance and productivity. All of these will help your business’ bottom line.

Looking ahead

Investing in the training and development of your employees is no longer a luxury – it is a must! Your employees are your greatest asset, so nurturing them and providing them with what they need to strive is key to a bright future.

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Source:  Laura Chalkley, Senior Employment Law adviser and Partnerships team leader