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Marxman – The perfect drilling companion

The Marxman™ marking tool is a unique and simple idea to address a problem commonly encountered by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Accurately marking where to drill in hard to reach places

Marxman Marking tool is a unique and cunningly clever new tool, designed to clearly, Quickly and easily mark a reference point on almost any surface from tiles to pebble dash, plaster board to wood, ready for drilling or fixing. It even works on oily metals!

Instead of sharpening your pencil constantly, hoping your felt tips will make it through the hole and then searching to find the mark you made, you simply push Marxman onto a surface or into fixing holes of varying depths and diameters and it will deliver a burst of fluorescent green pigment, to show you were to drill or affix, easily and accurately saving you time and frustration on the job almost every time.

There are two versions of the Marxman:

  • The Standard Marxman – the green one: The most commonly used by trade and DIYer` alike it clearly and accurately marks through depths of 0-45mm
  • The Deep Hole Marxman – the black one:  A specialist tool only it clearly and accurately marks through depths of 45mm-100mm the deep hole will not mark shallow holes well at all as it is too highly pressurised.

Available through GripIt, your bira direct supplier.

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