22 Jan 2021

New Brexit checklist for retailers

Still got questions about trading in Europe as a result of the UK leaving the EU?

The Government has created a new checklist to guide retailers through what they need to do here

A series of on-demand web videos have also been created to ensure business owners understand the new rules and take the required action. Content includes:

  • Businesses and Trade Agreements (not yet available)
  • Businesses Engaged in Emissions Trading
  • Businesses Hiring Overseas Staff
  • Businesses Involved in the Horizon 2020 Funding Service
  • Businesses Involved with Data
  • Businesses Operating Online
  • Businesses Preparing and Auditing Financial Accounts
  • Businesses who Import and Export
  • Businesses Providing Services to EU Markets
  • Businesses Shipping Waste between GB and EU
  • Businesses Working with Intellectual Property
  • Chemical Regulations
  • Moving Goods into, out of, or through Northern Ireland
  • Placing and Selling Goods on the Market
  • REACH Chemical Regulations
  • Recognition of Professional Qualifications
  • Rules of Origin
  • Trade Tariffs

The videos are available here

There is also a further support for businesses moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland here. There is also free training available, to help businesses continue to trade smoothly here.

If you have any further questions about Brexit, call Bira Legal for advice



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