12 Oct 2021

The new £100 contactless limit rolls out on October 15

Shoppers should expect retailers to start accepting the new £100 contactless payment limit this Friday (October 15, 2021)

From Friday, consumers will start to see retailers accepting contactless payments up to the new £100 limit, which will give customers more flexibility when shopping in store. Given the number of terminals which will need to be updated to accept the new limit, it will take some time to be introduced across all retailers. To check if a retailer has updated to the new limit, customers should either ask in store or follow the prompts on the card payment machine when paying.

To help warn your customers of potential delays in your systems being updated, we've created these helpful posters

For consumers spending more than £100 there are many ways to pay, for example through Chip & PIN, cash and alternatives such as mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay which do not have an upper limit when authenticated through biometric technologies like fingerprint or facial recognition.

For further resources on the contactless limit, please visit Contactless Limit Payments

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