14 May 2021

Retailers urged to support staff in getting Covid jab

Updated 19.08.21

The Government is calling on independent retailers to help ensure their employees get reliable information about Covid-19 vaccines.

The Department for Health has launched a new toolkit for employers to help ensure their staff get the correct information about the vaccine, and to promote its uptake. The campaign includes a plea to employees to allow flexibility for staff to get vaccinated during work hours.

The toolkit is available here and contains materials for businesses to run internal awareness campaigns promoting the benefits of vaccination, including key messages, posters, fact sheets and videos providing accurate up to date information.

The government is calling on as many employers as possible to join the campaign and support the efforts to continue to bring the nation out of lockdown.

Download the toolkit

Bira is also  urging members to support staff in getting both vaccinations and help to make sure they are aware vaccination sites and walk-in centres.

For the NHS list of vaccination sites click here.



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