• We keep our energy consumption at a minimum, by ensuring we are using low energy lighting where possible as well as automatic room lighting to ensure we are not leaving rooms lit unnecessarily.
  • We minimise the amount of printed materials by utilising technology for internal communications, document collaboration, meetings and other activities where we can share information digitally rather than in print.
  • We send as much administrative communication (e.g. invoices, payment reminders, fee receipts) by email to reduce the use of paper and traditional postal mail, which in turn minimises our requirement for vehicle led postal delivery.
  • We try our best to print double-sided where possible, and when we haven’t done this, strive to use as much of the blank faces of paper.
  • We operate a cycle to work scheme to promote our employees to consider using bicycles to get to work as opposed to cars. We also promote our members to do the same.
  • We use boiling water taps in our kitchens to reduce water wastage and use of gas boilers to produce hot water.
  • We aim to dispose of as much obsolete IT and office equipment by sustainable routes, like recycling and clearance sales.
  • promote our field business development managers to travel more efficiently, by increasing the use of telephone and email communications and collaborating to share work and substitute travel requirements where possible.
  • We have begun ensuring any new company vehicles are at least hybrid and are working towards all our company vehicles being ECO-friendly.
  • We endorse flexible working and as such, have a growing number of employees who work from home a number of days each week.
  • We aim to keep abreast of sustainable products being supplied by our Bira Direct suppliers and promote sustainable products to our members to consider stocking.
  • We aim to provide members with advice on purchasing stock and other assets sustainably, including a range of electric and hybrid vehicles available through our Bira Bank ECO loans.
  • We promote members to purchase eco-friendly bags and other sustainable consumables for their customers.
  • We regularly promote our sustainability policy amongst our internal staff and external contacts.

How we work towards sustainability:

At Bira, we are serious about our responsibility and commitment to a more sustainable future and welcome any suggestions or ideas to take this further.

Last updated 31/01/2020

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