The last few years have seen a swift shift in consumer behaviour. There has been a change in how consumers want to transact, including acceleration from cash to digital forms of payment.

As businesses continue to evolve to meet the needs of their customers in the world today, Global Payments is there to help you succeed. And, they’re the trusted payments partner to 3.5 million merchants in over 100 countries.

As one of the leading worldwide providers of payment technology services approved service provider Global Payments has partnered with Bira to deliver innovative payment processing solutions and preferential terms, specifically designed for Bira members.

With Global Payments you'll benefit from:

  • Access to cashback facility.
  • Ability to take payments in-store, online, mobile and more.
  • Access to all your card transaction data via the online portal.
  • And much more. 

How Members benefit

  • Preferential pricing for Bira members
  • No authorisation fees
  • No monthly PCI Compliance Fees (Non-Compliance Fees still apply)
  • Next-day crediting with cleared funds (with participating banks)
  • Three months of free terminal rental for new Global Payments customers to all Bira members

How to get started

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Face-to-face solutions

Customers pay quickly and easily with Global Payment's unobtrusive range of countertop, portable, and mobile easy-to-use card machines. With contactless technology and all major card brands accepted as standard, our feature-rich card machines have integrated solutions tailored to your needs, helping you run your business more smoothly.

Our terminals are flexible, portable, and powerful solutions with “do-business-anywhere” connectivity. Accept payments and print receipts, all with a single device.

  • Accept chip & PIN, or contactless payments
  • Quiet and quick thermal receipt printer
  • Connect to Ethernet, WiFi and 4G

Whether your business is always mobile, or you need an extra payment terminal to help you manage queues, Global Payments have got you covered.
Simply turn your smartphone into a point-of-sale terminal with their Mobile Pay App and card reader.

Designed to suit businesses from hospitality to retail, the plug-and-play Global Payments EPOS is a fast, secure and reliable way to take card payments, saving you valuable time and effort.

Inventory, timesheets, reporting, and more—all in one place, all under control.


  • Inventory management
    Real-time data to manage inventory expenses, maximise sales, and stay on top of your stock.
  • Pricing and discounts
    Set up and manage price points and discounts—across locations.
  • Customer payments
    View and manage your payments, and use our analytics to spot customer trends. Better cash flow, 
    better profitability.
  • Employee management
    Track and manage timesheets and attendance—understand staffing needs and gain efficiencies.


  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Accepts swipe, chip, or contactless payments
  • Quick, quiet thermal receipt printer
  • Bi-directional barcode scanner

Digital solutions

Authorise, process and manage card transactions over the phone in real-time through the Virtual Terminal solution. Using any web browser, Virtual Terminal stops the need to store card details on your system as we’ll take care of payments within our PCI-DSS v3.2.1 compliant environment. You can store payment details for one-off or regular future transactions and issue refunds through a user-friendly interface.


  • Store card details for future payment transactions and remote billing.
  • Issue refunds or rebates.
  • View your full record of payment transactions and reporting.

Stay secure

Save time and effort on reconciliation with our PCI-DSS compliant technology.

  • Validate address and card verification details.
  • Option to renew card details automatically (additional service)
  • Benefit from over 30 instant fraud checks. Schedule payments for recurring subscriptions

Create instant payment links to share with your customers and receive payments via our secure payment page – transforming any digital channel into a checkout. Global Payments PayLink simplifies secure payment links.

Designed for the food and drink sector, this solution allows customers to order and pay at the table by scanning a QR code or getting them to order ahead for collection or delivery. Reduce queues and waiting times – let your customers browse the menu, order and pay – all on their own connected mobile device.

Global Payment's online payment solution takes care of your checkout page completely. We host your payment page and store sensitive data in our PCI DSS v3.2.1 secure online payments environment. We also have integrations with the leading shopping carts.

Make online acceptance quick and easy with everything you need to start accepting payments quickly. Avoid the usual PCI DSS overhead 
associated with a typical API integration.


Quick implementation

Setup is a breeze with SDKs to minimise development time, along with a range of shopping cart options and helpful step-by-step instructions.


Select from three rendering options: iFrame, Lightbox, or full page redirect, to ensure the right customer journey for your business.

Style your hosted payments page to match your brand look and feel and enhance your customers’ trust that they’re buying from your reputable company.

Plug into the world’s leading shopping carts

Instantly connect to major shopping cart platforms through the pre-built integrations and start accepting online payments in a jiffy.

Merchant Portal

Make more informed decisions, spot trends, pinpoint transactions, resolve disputes faster, manage multiple locations with ease and more – all with Global Payments Merchant Portal.


Global Payments make it easy to search for transaction data by card type, currency and transaction time so you can spot and act on common shopping trends. Put your data to work to get a better understanding of your customers and their spending patterns with our analytics suite.

About Global Payments

Global Payments Inc. is the leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions delivering innovative services to customers globally.

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