Bira has teamed up with Charter Office Equipment Limited to bring you big savings on stationary supplies. Offering over 18,000 product lines including: 

Stationery - Shredders - Catering products - notice boards - cleaning products - Printing supplies eg. receipt pads, invoices and letterheads

How Members benefit

Bira members benefit from 50% off 5 Star Products and 40% off pink codes on all orders over £25.

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Looking for Greener Product Choices

Charter Office Supplies have a Range of Recycled and Ethically produced Office Products, helping to reduce our Collective Environmental impact.


All your cleaning and janitorial needs, from washroom to kitchen, can be delivered along with your office supplies.

Charter have been the principal supplier of stationery and office furniture to Bira members for over 10 years.

The attitude of “thinking globally, acting locally” is adopted throughout Charter allowing them to benefit from enhanced buying power which in turn ensures competitive and stable pricing.The highest standard of account management principles are employed across the business to ensure they have the ability to pro-actively manage your account and provide sustainable cost savings.

Competitive pricing and professional account management are all under pinned by a logistics model of both warehousing and distribution. This enables a first class service.