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How can IOSS be used to simplify trading with the EU?

Thursday 30th September at 11am

Join Avalara, Biras preferred tax compliance partner as we cover IOSS & selling into the EU, on Thursday 30th September at 11am.
This session is designed to help you understand the new EU VAT reforms and simplify your EU VAT compliance process.

  • EU VAT Reforms
  • What is IOSS?
  • IOSS Process flow
  • Benefits of IOSS
  • How Avalara can help simplify trading in the EU

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Matt Harrison2      

Matthew Harrison – Director, Avalara

With nearly 10 years experience within the tax space, Matthew Harrison is one of Avalara’s top VAT solutions specialists. Having worked as both a Senior Tax Manager and a Consultant, Matthew has both the in-depth VAT knowledge twinned with a unique perspective to understand the impact tax changes have on businesses.

How you'll benefit from Avalara:

  • Access to Avalara’s team of indirect tax experts who are recognised as one of the fastest-growing and most trusted names in tax compliance.  
  • Insight into tax legislation changes and thought leadership content.
  • Guidance on how to approach compliance and optimise processes when selling internationally.
  • Bira members can also receive access to exclusive special offers on Avalara services and solutions at selected times.

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