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03 Aug 2021

Autumn Fair spotlights sustainability and launches The Sustainability Library

Following the successful launch of the Sustainability Trail at Spring Fair 2020, the focus on sustainability continues for Autumn Fair 21 with the launch of The Sustainability Library and a host of onsite initiatives.

Pre-show, visitors can connect with sustainable brands at Autumn Fair 2021 at The Sustainable Library in just a few clicks; making it super easy to discover the brands and suppliers that are striving to do their part to ensure a more sustainable and ethical future for us all.

Simply visit the Exhibitor List on the Autumn Fair Website or via the soon-to-launch Autumn Fair app, filter by The Sustainability Library and discover exhibitor stories, pledges and initiatives from brands who are doing their part. Sustainable brands already signed up to the Sustainability Library include; Vent for Change, Alexander Thurlow & Co, Colour Chronicles, Crafty You Crafty Me, Find Your Glow, Amica Accessories, Black Yak, Heaven Sense Incense, Jomafe, Keel Toys, Penguin Ink, Sandy Bay, The Art File, The English Soap Company, Mai Clothing, My Gift Trade and The Somerset Toiletry Co.

Jessica Dawnay, Spring & Autumn Fair Event Director says: “We know it is important to both retailers and suppliers to place sustainability at the forefront of how we do business. We are striving to bring on board exciting and innovative sustainable businesses to the Spring and Autumn Fair line-ups and connect them with interested retailers in an easy-to-use format. The Sustainability Library is a fantastic research tool for buyers targeting sustainable brands.”

Each exhibitor that is part of The Sustainability Library will be marked with a Leaf icon, helping visitors to find sustainable brands and suppliers quickly and easily. This will also be translated onsite with the sustainable exhibitors having this icon displayed on their stands. The following icons below help to identify specific sustainable initiatives, from biodegradable materials to recyclable packaging, that a brand or supplier may have or are working towards.

Icon1 Icon2 Icon3 Icon4  Icon5

L-R: Sustainability Icon. Environment Icon: Act in the interests of protecting the natural world. Ethical Icon: Demonstrate respect for its employees and uphold a system of moral principles. Material Icon: Use sustainable and biodegradable materials as much as possible. Packaging Icon: Use reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging which results in improved sustainability.

These icons will be mirrored onsite at Autumn Fair with The Sustainability Trail and within the Show Guide.

For further information please visit: The Sustainable Library

Amaura London

My Gifts Trade

My-Gifts-Trade---Urban-Nature-Culture-pic My-Gifts-Trade---Urban-Nature-Culture My-Gifts-Trade---Costa-Nova-Eco-gres


The Art File
The-Art-File-CAPITOL COLL-at-Autumn-Fair-21

The Seed Card Company The-Seed-Card-Company-You-Bake-Me-Happy-cards

For more information on how to become a more sustainable independent retailer, visit our Sustainability Hub

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