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15 Oct 2021

Bira concerned over spiraling costs for indie retailers

Bira is raising concerns over the spiralling costs faced by independent retailers.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira's CEO, spoke to LBC Radio this week to express concerns that increased costs in almost all areas of businesses could sound the death knell for hard-pressed indies.

The radio interview was to discuss the sharp rise in energy costs for both businesses and homes this winter.

Andrew said: "Smaller retailers are not the largest energy users, but this is a cumulative effect on their business having seen costs increase due to Covid, debt, Brexit, cost of shipping, delays in stock, supplier price increases, etc.

"We hope independent retailers will have a great festive period as it is the most important one ever. Despite all these current pressures, business rates are still the single biggest cost to retail and there are great concerns about rates returning at the full level in 2022."

Bira has been lobbying for the Chancellor to reduced business rates in his forthcoming Aututm Statement. Play your part by writing to your MP here

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