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30 Jul 2020

Coronavirus: Guidance on how retailers can contain and report local outbreaks

The Government has released guidance on how businesses can recognise, contain and report incidents of coronavirus.

The COVID-19 early outbreak management information has been created to make sure that people who run businesses or organisations:

  • know how to recognise and report an incident of coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • are aware of measures local health protection teams may advise in order to contain it.

The document, featuring action cards, has been produced in response to recent local spikes - which included the reintroduction of lockdown restrictions in Leicester. Other areas including Oldham and Blackburn with Darwen have been put at risk of such action.

The cards provide instructions to anyone responsible for a business on what to do in the event of one or more confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your organisation.

These quick-reference guides provide key steps to help you quickly identify, report and respond to any potential COVID-19 outbreak within your local community. A COVID-19 outbreak is one or more confirmed cases of COVID-19, depending on the type of organisation.

Read the full information here

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