05 Nov 2021

Bira sponsors The Sustainable Business Podcast by SmallStuff

We are very happy to announce that we are sponsoring the Sustainable Business Podcast, by the owner of SmallStuff, and Bira member Hellen Stirling-Baker.

Along with many other organisations, we have become more aware of the effects of our carbon footprint and have started to make a conscious effort to reduce our contributions to harming our planet. The first step we have made starts our internal Sustainability Task Force, consisting of; staff members, Board of Managers and of course our independent retailer members.

Our goal is to become the first membership association to be net-zero carbon in two years, as well as to help our associates and members to become more sustainable and make it a normal part of their lifestyle. So when Hellen first approached us about sponsoring her new podcast, we jumped at the chance to get involved. 

Listen to the very first episode of the Sustainable Business Podcast below

Want to get involved? Contact Hellen on Instagram or Twitter

Are you trying to become more sustainable? Visit our Sustainability Hub for resources to help you

 305 Eco-conscious ch (5)

Behind the scenes image of the recording of the first episode. The Sustainable Business Podcast has launched today (Friday 5 November 2021), you can listen here.

Hellen runs her eco-conscious children's store, whilst advocating for other businesses to follow a more sustainable lifestyle and implement eco-friendly habits in their businesses. And has more recently become Planet Mark certified and frequently supports Ecologi who plant trees in forests all over the world!

Are you making more of an effort to become more sustainable? Would you like to become sustainable but aren't sure of where to start? Let us know on Twitter, where we can explore this journey together.

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We can make a better improvement to our planet together than we can alone. 

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