19 Oct 2021

Bira member's letter to MP results in meeting with Labour Leader

A Bira member, who wrote to their MP lobbying for reduced business rates, ended up meeting Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer to discuss the matter.

Peter Wooding, who runs Orcs Nest - a games shop in London - wrote to his constituency MP - Sir Keir - expressing his concerns over the forthcoming Autumn Statement next week.

Peter was then invited to discuss the matter in-person with the MP for Holborn & St Pancras. At the meeting, Sir Keir reiterated the election pledges made at the Labour Party conference recently to axe business rates if they get into power. Bira supported that pledge here


Andrew Goodacre, Bira's CEO, said: "This just goes to show every letter makes a difference and I urge all our members to write to their MPs ahead of the Chancelleor's statement next Wednesday (October 27).

"There are mixed message about the amount of reform that will be announced later this month, so we really need to push for more."

If you haven't yet written to your MP, you can find your template letter here

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