07 Oct 2021

Mica members flock to first Exchange Hall event in two years

Mica held its first in-person Mica Exchange event in two years - and it was a great success.

Mica members and suppliers gathered in Bournemouth for the event, giving them a chance to meet and discuss new products in a ‘slow’ speed-dating-style event. Twenty suppliers were on site with Mica members booking appointment times throughout the day. 

Mica's Business Unit Director Michael Ball said: "This Exchange had to be postponed twice due to lockdown measures in autumn 2020 and spring of this year, so it was fantastic to see everyone finally come together after a lot of hard work.


"We had a couple of last minute cancellations, but in these times that’s to be expected. We’ve been really humbled by the response, I think for a lot of people it’s a step back towards normality, and nothing beats some guaranteed facetime to do some business.”

Customer feedback from the event rated it at an overall 9.2/10, with the majority of both members and suppliers rating the appointments and response they received as ‘excellent’.

Emma McDonald of Brabantia rated the member response 'excellent', and found the event good value for money. She said: "It was nice to come knowing it will be a busy/worthwhile day - thanks to the special format of Mica’s event."

Main event sponsor RKW noted that they’d taken almost double the value of orders received in 2019 despite fewer attendees, and rated the day 10/10 overall.

Sherwin Williams account manager Holly Welsh added: "It's been lovely to meet so many members in one place... we've seen fantastic support for Sherwin Williams.”

Meanwhile, Samantha Boswell of new members Sawston Mica Hardware, said: "Our first Mica Exchange was very welcoming informative and professional. We are very proud to be part of the Mica family.”

Joyce Hall, of Halls Mica Hardware, closed the event, thanking all the attendees for making the effort despite the fuel shortages. It was good to be back!

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