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Recommend a friend and reap rewards

Recommend a friend

The more retailers we have on board, the more leverage we have to negotiate stronger deals for you.
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For over 120 years we’ve been supporting independent retail business. Over this time we’ve been fighting for a level playing field, drawing on the strength of our membership mass. We influence the media, change Government legislation and provide support on areas of strain like business rates, parking and staffing.

But we’re only as strong as our members, so we’re now looking to you. As our community grows, so does our negotiation power meaning we can bring more business savings and benefits your way. So, help us to help you by reaching out to your fellow high street neighbours to join Bira.

Recommend a retailer that joins Bira and they’ll get £50 off their membership and you’ll get money off yours when you next renew too!

What happens when you make a recommendation?

Once you’ve made your recommendation we’ll arrange for someone from the membership team to get in touch with them directly. If they decide to join:

  • They’ll get a discount of £50 off their first year of membership
  • You’ll get a discount of £50+vat per new member that joins when you’re next due to renew your membership

Recommend as many retailers as you like and the savings will add up; if four of your recommendations join you could save £200+vat off your annual membership!

Get started

Complete the form below or download the promotional application form to submit your recommendation.

  • Please gain permission from the individual before sharing their email.
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Terms & Conditions
Our ‘Recommend a Friend’ referral scheme provides a preferential subscriptions rate for the first year of membership to welcome new joiners, and a thank you gesture for members who make the introduction. This scheme replaces any previous member referral initiatives and is effective from January 2020. It can be withdrawn at any time without notice. Retailers can only be recommended by current members of Bira or BAGMA. Only retail businesses with ratable premises can be recommended for Bira or BAGMA membership. The referral must be submitted using the online form at or the promotional application form to qualify. The discounts will only be applied when a new joiner completes their application and makes a successful payment. No cash equivalent is available.
Discount rates for new joiners:
The £50 discount applies to the first year of membership only. Subscriptions bands for Bira membership are based on turnover. Second and subsequent annual subscriptions will revert to the normal rates.  The offer is subject to change by Bira at any time. The promotional offer for BAGMA joiners is a 25% discount off the normal BAGMA membership subscription rate for the first year only. BAGMA subscriptions are based on number of employees. These rates cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  A 5% discount will be applied for annual direct debit after the first year (i.e. when the rates return to the normal subscription fees).
Reward for Introducer:
The discount for the introducer (existing member of Bira or BAGMA) will be applied to their next years’ membership subscription and is for one year only. £50 credit will be provided towards the next annual subscription, following the new member sign-up, for every new joiner introduced throughout the year. Subsequent discounts may be applied in future years providing additional Recommend a Friend referrals have been received and processed prior to the introducer’s membership renewal. This applies to Bira and BAGMA members. If you have any questions about the scheme please contact