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The benefits of a booking service for your shop

Booking apps and services are growing in popularity fast. They provide a great solution to the problems that many high-street shops are currently experiencing of long queues and store capacity.

A booking app or service is a simple way to build confidence to encourage consumers to return to physical shopping – giving them the ability to shop in safety and comfort without queues or crowds.

In addition to this, an efficient booking service also gives independent retailers the means to provide excellent customer service – knowing who, when and why people are coming into your shop in advance allows you to plan for their arrival, have the correct staff available and even prepare products for them.  It can also highlight when your special or most loyal customers are planning a visit. It is for these and other reasons that customers with retail appointments can often spend more.


Booking services such as Book A Shop or eSlot are great options that are recommended by Bira. 

Plus, through Bira’s partnership with The Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC), Bira members can access Book A Shop for free until 1st January 2021. Click here to make the most of this offer.


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