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4 powerful free marketing tactics to boost your business

How can you attract more customers to your store or website on a tiny marketing budget?

The answer is to get creative with your marketing to achieve maximum impact for minimum cost.

Read this article to get actionable tips from Emma and Sam of Stories Marketing who help independent retailers grow their businesses through training, workshops and consulting.  They don’t just talk the talk, they were independent retailers for 16 years on the high street and now run online jewellery store Lucy and Jane.

Run a contest/giveaway on Social media

Running an advertising campaign on social media can be costly if you don’t get it right.  An effective and proven marketing tactic for a small business is to run a contest or giveaway on social media.  Everyone loves a competition and you can use it as a way of growing followers for just the cost of a product and postage.  Just ask people to like your account and tag a friend who they think will love what you do too.

To be even more cost effective – why not ask your retail supplier to gift you the product?   Most will love to help for the extra coverage – you could ask them to share it on their social media too!

Promote the competition in store to encourage your store customers to also follow you on your social media – as it’s a great way to keep them up to date on what you’re doing.

Run events/workshops in store.

More than ever, customers are looking and paying for experiences and services.  Your store can not only serve them a great shopping experience but you can attract them in by offering amazing customer events or workshops.   These are great to share with your customer mailing list, social media posts and for adding to ticketing platforms such as Eventbrite.

Powerful marketing tactics: run an instore workshop

Consider partnering with another local business who can share their expertise with your customers.  Depending on the event, run them after normal shopping hours or during your quieter opening hours to increase shop footfall.

Don’t be afraid of selling tickets for evening events rather than making them free, it helps you plan for the exact number of customers you’ll get and ensures customers make the effort to come.  We ran quarterly fashion shows in store with staff and customers modelling.  Tickets were £5.  We provided lots of complimentary Prosecco and free goodie bags using old stock or asking suppliers if they would provide products or samples to include.  Customers then stayed to try and buy their favourite outfits from the show!

Freebie Friday

Want to increase shop footfall in the week?  Think of a product that’s low cost to you but tempting to a customer to offer with every purchase.  Perhaps do it on the first Friday after payday every month.  Shout about it to your mailing list, on social media and even with local press.  Regularly running the Freebie Friday will start to stick in people’s minds and become an ongoing powerful footfall driver.

Consider asking your supplier to support you with the product – either freebies to you or a discounted price.  Or team up with a complimentary local business – they get exposure to your business and they can repeat offer in their business.  That way you’re also spreading the local love!

Be the face of your retail business

As an independent retail business owner – you are your own powerful marketing tool.  You know from shop-floor experience how to turn your customers into loyal fans and you know how to talk to people.  We like to call this the indie retailer’s superpower – their ability to build really personal customer relationships, something the big retailers can’t do.

Put photos of you and your team on social media and talk about your interests, family, what drives you.  Update your website ‘about us’ page to include a picture of you (the most visited page of any website).  Also consider doing videos to post on social media where you or your team tell customers about your new products or behind the scenes or a ‘how to’ video.  Video is huge on social media and your followers will develop a real connection with you.  People buy from people, even online!

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Sam and Emma of Stories marketing. The writes of 4 powerful free marketing tactics to boost your business ….. Blog source: Business partners Sam & Emma of Stories Marketing and online jewellery store, Lucy and Jane.