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Video: Mule Cycles & EKM

Skate Britain & Mule Cycles talk about how EKM’s Evolution Mode helped to improve their online shop.

Skate Britain started as a very small skate shop just off owner James’ passion for skating. They noticed that online seemed to be taking off but we were a little bit behind the curve. When they went online, of course, the sales boosted back up.

James chose EKM from looking at online reviews. He already had a basic online shop but found they were outgrowing it, so they got in touch with EKM. EKM’s Evolution Mode means they review current websites looking for improvements that could be made that you may not be aware of. Behind the scenes, they look at the website, which is really really handy for busy business owners and they’ll come back with what they think needs to happen.


Watch the full video from James below.

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