PPE from Bira Direct Suppliers

13 May 2021

Bira direct suppliers have acted quickly to be able to provide you with important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure you are equipped with the right resources to trade safely.

You’ll no doubt be planning for the near future and considering the changes you’ll have to make to the way you trade, so we’re pleased to say your Bira Direct Suppliers are here for you. We’ve shared a list of all the Bira Direct Suppliers offering PPE for Bira members.  

While reading up on how to reopen your stores safely and how to work safely during coronavirus, you’ll see how important PPE will be in all shops as we move into this next phase out of lockdown. On this page you’ll find suppliers providing PPE from gloves and masks to antibacterial gel and market tape – and air cleaning machines too!

IMPORTANT: In order to protect NHS supply chain, Bira does not recommend any suppliers or members sourcing medical grade face masks, either for the use of employees or for sale to the public.

As the current market is changing quickly, please contact the suppliers directly for confirmation of stock availability. Don’t forget to let them know you’re a Bira member to receive any special terms and discounts.

Discover all Bira Direct PPE discounts
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