Bira Sales Survey 2020 Results

02 Mar 2021

Bira has conducted a survey of over 100 members to understand how members have been affected by Coronavirus including changes in footfall and sales.

Out of the members surveyed, 60% were classed as non-essential businesses and 40% were classed as essential businesses.

Compared to 2019, the majority of members surveyed reported that 2020 sales were down in comparison to 2019. However, 22% of members reported that sales had increased by up to 25%.

Compared to 2019 most members reported reduced footfall with over 25% reporting a fall of 26-50%.

Despite a drop in footfall, most members reported an increase in Average Transaction Value for 2020, with over 47% reporting an increase of up to 25.

Over 65% of members surveyed reported supply chain issues in the run up to Christmas.

Out of the members surveyed over 83% have moved sales to either online, click and collect or delivery, which shows how important it is to increase your sales channels.

Download the full report here.

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