How to update your supplier directory page

01 Mar 2021

The Bira Direct supplier directory page has been changed so that it has increased functionality as a valuable marketing tool for you to promote your products to Bira members.

One of the best ways for you to get optimum value out of your page is to carry out the following steps.

 Tips: Before you get started

  • Consider who will be responsible and become the main contact for updating the supplier directory page.
  • If you are unsure or if there has been a change in responsibility, please let us know and we will update our system.

 How to get started

  1. i) Go to the website and select Login ii) If you need to set a new password, you can do that here. Once you’ve logged in, click on Member Area and then "Edit Supplier Directory" section on the right-hand navigation.

  Edit Supplier 1

Profile Details

 2. Fill in the company’s details in the sections below along with the profile, products, order information and terms. NB i) Please ensure that any weblinks start with http:// ii) All Bira Direct campaigns promoting our suppliers will signpost members to the supplier directory.

 Profile Details 2

3. The next section is for the company’s address and contact details, you will only need to fill in the relevant boxes. The additional directory address boxes are optional and can be filled in for any other representatives in the company who are based in another location.

 Address and Contact 3

Price Lists & Promotions

TIPS: In this section, you will be uploading attachments such as images, promotional offers or price lists.

Please make sure they are in the right format as follows:

  • You can upload up to three price lists or promotional offers should be in pdf format.
  • Any images should be in JPEG or PNG format and less than 10MB in file size. The first image should always be a company logo followed by any seasonal products or key product lines.
  1. If you need to convert an Excel document to pdf, you can follow the instructions here:
  • One the File tab, click Save As.
  • Click Browse.
  • Select PDF from the drop-down list.
  • Click Options.
  • You can public a selection, an active sheet or entire workbook.
  • Click OK and then click Save.

  Price Lists and Promos 4

Directory Filters

  1. Here you would select all the relevant product categories to your business by selecting the boxes on the filters.

Directory Filters 5

Submitting your changes

  1. Once all the changes have been made and checked, click on the ‘Update Directory’ button to save your changes.

Update Directory 7

Please note:

  • Changes will not be visible immediately as they need to be approved internally and may take up to two working days to be approved.
  • Any feedback will also be given to the main contact listed on the supplier directory page.
  • Logged in Bira retail members will be able to access your pricelists, promotions, and terms. Non-logged-in users will only be able to see your user profile. This is to protect any sensitive information and member exclusive content.
  • Please make sure changes are made by logging in to

 Any Questions?

 For any further questions on updating your supplier page, please contact

Additional Guidance and Resources

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