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Use social media to increase footfall

Maybe* turns social media conversations into insights and actions that deliver results, on demand

How you'll benefit
Discover how to use social media to increase footfall and sales, free of charge.

All Bira members can access the following through the Maybe* platform :

  • Free social media benchmarking tools (forever)
  • Free digital training (forever)
  • Insights about their marketplace (forever)
  • Insights about their customers (30-day free trial)
  • Recommended actions to improve their results (30-day free trial)
  • Exclusive 20% discount when you upgrade

The Maybe* platform allows you to benchmark your social media performance and helps you use it to increase your footfall and sales. It powers the #WDYT campaign that celebrates how digital activity delivers physical results.

Maybe* uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to turn social media conversations into customer insights and actions that can deliver results, on demand.

Maybe* turns social media conversations into customer insights, qualified prospects, footfall, and sales, on demand.

  • See what’s being said across all social media channels
  • Benchmark your social media performance
  • Understand how people feel about any social media conversation
  • See who has an influence in any social media conversation
  •  Learn what’s being said in any social media conversation
  • Access social media skills and training 24/7

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Start increasing your footfall by using social media

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We have been using Maybe* to create a paid ad which would drive traffic to our website ahead of the ‘Back To School’ period. Not only did the ad drive traffic to our website, encouraging people to book appointments but it also drove an incredible amount of online sales which we were able to track through the Maybe* platform via our integrated Facebook pixel. We found this ad’s progression so exciting and in fact checked it regularly to see the progress that it was making, but it was also really useful to track the amount of spend on the ad.

Using Maybe* is always a pleasure, not only is the support team incredibly efficient, but they truly understand our business which enables them to help us effectively and ensure that the results we want are achieved and in this case exceeded!

Amy Butcher, Marketing and Social Media Manager, Coes