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Shop Local

We champion the independent retailer 365 days a year

Our refreshed ‘shop local’ campaign will provide support to raise awareness in your high street. We are on a mission to encourage shoppers to spend more with the independent shops which make it diverse and interesting.

We’d love to hear from you if you have a local initiative that would benefit from linking up with us to generate more foot fall, more coverage and ultimately more sales, which helps your local area to prosper.

Our message for shoppers who want to support their local independent retailers:
First of all “THANK YOU” for supporting independent retailers. It is no secret that trading remains a challenge, but with your support we can ensure the continued success of local shops.

By shopping locally you can:
1. Find a world of discovery and a range of fresh and exciting products on your doorstep
2. Support your local high street and improve the local economy
3. Help to create more local jobs in your community
4. Enjoy great customer service from people who value your business
5. Build lasting friendship with local shop owners
6. Touch and feel the products to make sure you have made the right choice
7. Get dedicated help and support with making your product selection
8. Give your shop owners feedback about the products you’d like them to stock
9. Be sure that your local shop will give you a warm welcome!

Our window stickers are a great way to promote the ‘shop local’ message. They have been designed for independent retailers to display, regardless of whether or not they are members of the British Independent Retailers Association (bira) or one of our specialist divisions.

If you own a shop and would like a sticker in your window just let us know and we will send one out. Please contact our marketing team by emailing or call us on 0121 446 6688.


If you are a consumer, look out for the ‘shop local’ stickers and take a look at the fantastic choice available from independent retailers.

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