Key Benefits

Keeping on top of all the latest suppliers and terms can be time consuming and complicated. By completing a Supplier Review form, we'll not only ensure you're getting the best terms with your suppliers, but we'll also introduce you to new suppliers that we know will be a good fit for your business - saving you time and money!

How it works

  • Complete the secure form below, ticking the suppliers you already use and any that you're interested in opening a new account with.
  • Our Commercial Manager receives the form and reviews all the suppliers highlighted.
  • We contact you to explain where we can improve your terms and share any suppliers that will be of benefit to you.
  • With your confirmation, we will open any new accounts necessary and move your business where requested.

Have a question?

If you have any queries or questions regarding the supplier review, click the button below to contact Alan Kempson-Byrne, Bira Direct's Commercial Manager. Bira Direct T&Cs apply

Downloadable supplier review forms

DIY and Hardware supplier review form

Cookware and Houseware review form

Application to open a Stax delivered account