14 Oct 2021

Write to your MP ahead of Chancellor's Autumn Statement

Independent retailers are urged to write to their MPs ahead of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, which is expected to include a review of business rates.

Rishi Sunak's statement is expected to be made on October 27, 2021, and will set out the state of the nation's finances for at least the next six months before the spring Budget next March.

Bira CEO Andrew Goodacre said: "We have an ongoing campaign to permanently reduce business rates and reduce the burden on retail. We know that businesses will struggle with the re-introduction of full rates net year and it is important for us to communicate this message to as many MPs and government ministers as possible.

"We urge all our members - and the wider independent retail sector - to contact their MPs to express their concerns – it does make a difference."

While we are doing all we can to raise this matter with Ministers, we are also urging you to get involved and write to your MP, stating your case.

To make this easy for you, we’ve created this template letter for you to cut and paste, and amend with your personal details before posting, or emailing it to your MP.

Not sure who your MP is? Find out who represents your constituency here

Business rates were top of the agenda when Bira’s Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee (LPAC) held its most recent meeting.

Other matters discussed included technology, shopping behaviour, staff development and future business models. The discussions will be used to put together our vision of the high street and the how best to support independent retailers. If you have views on this you wish to be considered, email

Andrew spoke to the Daily Express on the subject of business rates here

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